February 16, 2019

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Varanasi is considered to be the oldest city in the world. It is also known as Kashi. The Ghats situated on the Ganges river in Varanasi are famous all over the world. The devotees from India and abroad come to worship the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Lord Buddha gave his first preacher in Sarnath in this ....
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STD CODE-0612 The state capital of Bihar was once famous as Pataliputra and enjoyed the status of being the capital of the entire empire of Magadh during the Golden Age of India for about a thousand years. Today it is known as the gateway of Buddhist and Jain circuits. The city of Patna is a ...
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Nalanda, the world’s first residential international university’s ruin still mesmerizes the visitors. The Chinese traveller Xuanzang came and stayed here for five years to learn Buddhism. His narration gives a vivid description of the glorios learning centre. Nalanda means ‘giver of knowledge’. Nalanda...
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